About Us

About Our Story

Founded in 2019, Ubotech is one of the companies that is disrupting the salad industry worldwide. We believe we can change the way we eat, making healthy and delicious food available at the touch of a button. Our technology creates fresh, healthy salads to order, straight from the farmer to your bowl.

Our Team

Awais Khan

Awais Khan is the co-founder and CEO of UboTech, the world’s first automatic salad technology, which customized salad. Awais has worked across Turkey and Netherlands, in national and multinational Robotics and technology companies.

Mitchell B. Lewis

Over 10 years of experience in Food and Beverage, B2B Sales, and Management. Early-stage Business experience.
Bachelor in Sports Business / Business Administration, Culinary Arts Degree.

Aqil Ghaffer

Aqil Ghaffer is chief mechanical engineer, worked in the home appliance industry, next to the industry Aqil had worked in many projects robotics, consumer products. Intensive knowledge of design and production of hardware projects.

Leedo Daniel

Leedo Daniel has an advisory role in the UboTech, guide and works closely with Awais to help him with the process, that creates value for both corporate structures and tech-startups. Helping companies make strategic decisions, Explaining and approaching complex concepts in the most simple and pragmatic ways possible.